GO ENGR Coursework

Students can enroll in the Global Option by completing the registration form. Once enrolled in the Global Option, students can maintain a record of the courses/activities they complete. This GO ENGR Completion Form should be downloaded and saved by the GO ENGR Student.  Once all the requirements have been fulfilled, the completed form must be signed and submitted for verification before the Global Option designation can be added to the student's transcript.  This must be done no later than the 10th Friday of the semester prior to the term the student plans to graduate.


Any questions concerning which courses may or may not satisfy any of the above categories should be directed to the Director of International Initiatives in Engineering at global.CoE@osu.edu.


“This would have put me at the top of the list for any position I interviewed for. Many international companies prefer candidates with international experience for their top positions.”

“Most companies are in the global market, and the more experience you have with this the better.”

“Education abroad and global design courses are in my opinion the most useful tools in preparing upcoming students for working in a global environment.”


To enroll, complete the GO ENGR Registration Form surveyIf you do not receive a follow-up email, please reach out to make an appointment at global.CoE@osu.edu.