The Global Option in Engineering (GO ENGR) Program infuses global perspectives into the undergraduate engineering curriculum and involves course selections with global perspectives as part of the various engineering degree programs.

GO ENGR educates students on the impact of global cultural diversity on engineering decisions.  Students plan an undergraduate engineering curriculum with elements related to international themes and global dimensions without adding time to graduation by selectively using credit hours they are already required to take as part of their chosen engineering major. Upon successful completion, students receive an Engineering Global Option designation on their transcript.


In order to enroll in the GO ENGR Program, students must have an initial meeting with the Director of International Initiatives in Engineering.  Prior to that meeting, students are asked to download and complete the GO ENGR Registration Form.


In order to earn the Engineering Global Option designation, students must complete coursework and/or fieldwork in each of the following four (4) categories:

A.  International Exposure (0-3 credit hours)

B.  International Elements of Engineering (0-3 credit hours)

      Courses involving international elements that
       apply engineering/technical knowledge


      Co-op/Internship outside the U.S.

C.  Foreign Culture or Language (6 credit hours)
D.  International Engineering Design (3 credit hours)



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OSU Engineering Alumni

“This would have put me at the top of the list for any position I interviewed for. Many international companies prefer candidates with international experience for their top positions.”

“Most companies are in the global market, and the more experience you have with this the better.”

“Education abroad and global design courses are in my opinion the most useful tools in preparing upcoming students for working in a global environment.”


To enroll, complete the GO ENGR Registration Form surveyIf you do not receive a follow-up email, please reach out to make an appointment at global.CoE@osu.edu.