Humanitarian Engineering Overview

Ohio State University offers academic and co-curricular programming to get involved in Humanitarian Engineering. Students can explore the Humanitarian Engineering minor, the Humanitarian Engineering Scholars program, or student organizations to get involved in program work. 

Program Mission 

The Humanitarian Engineering program aims to educate students on the application of science and engineering to address complex societal challenges with an emphasis on collaborating with communities to achieve their desired vision of well-being through a curriculum grounded in state-of-the-art theories of development and social justice and experiences that incorporate applied engineering and socio-cultural learning. 

Program Values 

  1. We value a human-centered approach to design and problem solving. 
  2. We value utilizing community-based development theories. 
  3. We value sustainability on all projects in all aspects. 
  4. We value inclusive practices in all aspects of our work. 
  5. We value a multidisciplinary approach on all projects.  
  6. We value professionalism. 
  7. We value life-long learning and the public dissemination of all knowledge gained. 
  8. We value providing an opportunity for individuals to reflect with the goal of personal and professional growth. 


Learn more about the long history of Humanitarian Engineering at Ohio State through our archived project log. 

double-arrowHumanitarian Engineering Minor, Contact Information

Mary Leist
Director, Academic Advising

Leslie Roberts
Director of International Initiatives

double-arrowHumanitarian Engineering Scholars Program

Ada Keohane
Humanitarian Engineering Scholars Program Manager

Learn more about the HE scholars program at Ohio State and how to apply.