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Student International Travel Requirements

Supplemental Travel Insurance

All Ohio State University students traveling to international locations for the purpose of undergraduate or graduate research, international internships, or independent study as part of their academic program are required to enroll in the university's supplemental travel insurance. This supplemental travel insurance provides medical coverage while abroad, as well as medical evacuation, evacuation in the event of a natural disaster or political disturbance and repatriation. 

For more information on supplemental travel insurance and instructions on how to apply, please visit: 

It is recommended that you apply for the insurance at least three weeks prior to your departure date.

Group International Travel Report Form

Organizers/leaders of trips not coordinated through OIA must complete the Group International Travel Report Form (  The Form must be completed and submitted at least 90 days prior to the intended departure date.

Additionally, Ohio State students/groups travelling to risk-designated countries are required to file a a petition and obtain pre-approval for travel.  A full list of countries requiring International Travel Policy Committee review can be found at the link above.

For additional information, please see Ohio State’s Petition Policy (