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Initiating New Partnerships

Types of International Agreements

Faculty who wish to pursue a formal agreement with partners at other universities and/or research centers have several options depending on the nature, scale, and scope of the intended collaboration.  The Ohio State University recognizes three (3) types of agreements:

1. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

MOUs declare an intent to explore opportunities to collaborate in areas that would be mutually beneficial to each institution. They may lead to more specific activities and goals, which could then be expressed in the form of an MOA. MOUs presuppose the existence of specific activities in academic units that motivate the broader involvement with an international partner.

2. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

MOAs are specific agreements that can stand alone or be dependent upon a university-level MOU. They are accompanied by a statement of purpose detailing the involvement of the specific unit within the college and explaining the motivating factors relating to the initiation of the agreement.

3. Student Exchange Agreement (SEA)

SEAs involve Study Abroad and International Students and Scholars in collaboration with academic units at Ohio State as well as the international partner institution.  They need to be accompanied by an acknowledgement of the Ohio State academic unit's obligation to fulfill its part in balancing the exchange activities.

Additional information about the process of international agreements can be found at the Office of International Affairs (OIA).

Dual Degrees

Additionally, there are several models for establishing dual degree programs with foreign universities.  Such programs require an MOA between the College of Engineering and the partner university.  Students enrolled in dual degree programs are expected to spend time at each university (dependent upon the specific degree) and upon completion of the degree requirements, they will earn two degrees: one from OSU and the other from the partner university.  (OSU does not participate in joint degree programs, therefore coursework and research completed at both institutions is recognized by degrees granted by both institutions.)


OSU Faculty interested in initiating any of these types of agreements within the College of Engineering should contact the Director of International Initiatives in Engineering for how to proceed.