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Each academic year, over 200 College of Engineering students venture abroad to nearly 40 countries, enhancing their understanding of the world and the international aspects of engineering.

To support this student interest, the College of Engineering sponsors a series of discipline-specific and faculty-led education abroad programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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"Engineering Service Learning in Ghana was an incredible opportunity to demonstrate and develop skills that I've learned in the classroom for the last four years. We worked alongside locals, and as a result, all of us really engaged with Ghana's beautiful and vivid culture. We ate tons of good food, traveled bumpy roads to beautiful destinations, and overall became better people and engineers. Ghana: you were incredible, and the mark you left on all of us was indelible."
- Mary Grace Sylvester, Mechanical Engineering major, studied on the Engineering Service-Learning in Ghana program
– Mary Grace Sylvester
Mary Grace Sylvester