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The Global Capstone Course sequence give students the opportunity to work on real work projects with international and local community partners. For the next academic year, we expect to have projects with partners in Tanzania, Honduras, Ghana and others. These projects are multi-year community development initiatives, where we partner with communities, local universities, and community development  organizations to support their needs from a technical engineering perspective. This year we will feature projects such as passive water treatment, solar irrigation, small scale agricultural, water distribution, and remote sensor monitoring systems. These are multidisciplinary projects requiring a wide range of skills, so all majors, engineering and non-engineering are welcome to apply.

This two-course sequence has been approved to fulfill the Civil, Environmental, Biomedical, Food, Agricultural, and Biological, Ecological, and Mechanical Engineering Capstone requirements. For other majors, check with your academic advisor. The Global Capstone also fulfils requirements for the Humanitarian Engineering Minor and the Global Option in Engineering.

Course numbers: CIVILEN 4011/4012 or FABENG 4011/4012


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Global Capstone Contacts

Patrick Sours
Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering

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If you are interested in participating in the Global Capstone for Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024, APPLY HERE!