Semester Abroad Opportunities

The College of Engineering has agreements with several partner universities outside the United States that provide OSU Engineering students with the opportunity to spend a semester abroad taking engineering courses that apply toward their major.

Depending on the nature of the agreement, OSU Engineering students either directly enroll at the partner university or participate in a student exchange, essentially trading places with a student from the partner university coming to OSU for one semester.

Under either type of  agreement, OSU students enroll in engineering courses offered by the partner university.  These courses are taught in English and have been pre-approved for academic credit by OSU faculty.  This means, the courses taken while enrolled overseas count toward the student's degree program.  This important component allows OSU engineering student to take advantage of an invaluable international learning experience without sacrificing time to graduation.

Currently, OSU Engineering students can spend a semester abroad  studying at:

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)

This is a Spring Semester direct enroll program with one of the top engineering programs in China.  SJTU is located in the most dynamic city in East Asia. Participation is restricted to ECE and CSE in their third or fourth year of study. 






Politecnico di Torino (PdT)

This is a Spring Semester student exchange program with one of Italy's leading research-oriented universities.  PdT is located in the northwestern Italian city of Torino (Turin). Participation is open to mechanical engineering majors in their third or fourth year of study.