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GO ENGR Coursework

Students enrolled in the Global Option in Engineering Program are required to maintain a record of the courses/activities they complete.  This GO ENGR Completion Form should be downloaded and saved by the GO ENGR Student.  Once all the requirements have been fulfilled, the completed form must be signed and submitted for verification before the Global Option designation can be added to the student's transcript.  This must be done no later than the 10th Friday of the semester prior to the term the student plans to graduate.


A. Early Education Abroad

While the College of Engineering offers many engineering-specific education abroad programs, students may satisfy this requirement by enrolling in any of the more than 100 OIA-approved education abroad programs worth a minimum of three (3) credit hours, including the Global May programs. Though not required, it is strongly suggested that students fulfill this requirement in either their Freshman or Sophomore years.

B. International Elements of Engineering

Both engineering and non-engineering courses can be used to satisfiy this category as long as they involve international elements that apply engineering or technical knowledge and earn the student a minimum of three (3) credit hours.

A few examples of courses that satisfy this requirement are:

  • CIVILEN 5610: Sustainable Infrastructure for Developing Rural Communities
  • ENVENG 4600: Assessment for Human Rights and Sustainability
  • ENVENG 5195: Engineering Design for Environmental Health
  • ENVENG 5600: Science, Engineering, and Public Policy
  • ENGR 5050: Humanitarian Engineering
  • FABENG 2200: Introduction to Humanitarian Engineering
  • FABENG 5200: Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries
  • MECHENG/ISE 5682.01: Fundamentals of Product Design Engineering

      (This is not an exhaustive list.)

Additionally, many of the semester-length pre-departure courses for the Engineering Service-Learning programs (ENGR 4692.02S) can also be used to fulfill this requirement.  Questions about courses that fall into this category should be directed to the Director of International intiatives in Engineering.

Alternatively, students may choose to complete this category through an internship or co-op experience outside the United States.  To do so, students should be registered with Engineering Career Services (ECS).  Questions about international internships/co-ops can also be directed to Ms. Katy Arenschield.

C. Foreign Culture or Language

Students may satisfy this requirement by completing the General Education foreign language requirment through 1103.

Alternatively, students will complete six (6) credit hours of non-engineering coursework that develops a familiarity  with the history, culture, government, and/or economic system of several target countries.

      Any 3000-level or above GE Diversity Course with a Global Studies designation (excluding      those with 'Ancient' in the course title) can be taken to fulfill this category.

D. International Engineering Design

Students must complete a minimum of three (3) credit hours of Senior-level (4000 or above) engineering design courses with a strong international focus.  Additionally, these courses must be major-approved.  Ideally, students will fulfill this requirement by completing a capstone/senior design project involving a significant international dimension.


Any questions concerning which courses may or may not satisfy any of the above categories should be directed to the Director of International Initiatives in Engineering.


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