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International Engineering Service-Learning Programs

Service-Learning at the Ohio State University is a form of experiential education characterized by student participation in an organized service activity that:

  • is connected to specific learning outcomes;
  • meets identified community needs; and
  • provides structured time for student reflection and connection of the service experience to learning.

Implementation and hands-on design solutions are part of the experience.


Such programs are an important component of the international programs within the College of Engineering.  At present, the College offers three (3) International Engineering Service-Learning programs for its students:

  1. ENGR 2797.11S: Engineering Service-Learning in Montaña de Luz, Honduras
  2. ENGR 5797.22S: Engineering Service-Learning in Guatemala
  3. ENGR 5797.17S: Engineering Service-Learning in Ghana
  4. ENGR 5797.21: Sustainable and Reslilent Tanzanian Communities - Engineering

Additional information can be found here.