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International Dual Degrees

The College of Engineering leads the way in establishing Dual Degree programs with partner universities around the globe.

The dual degree programs require students to spend approximately 50% of their time enrolled at each university.  Upon completion of the degree requirements, students then earn two separate degrees: one from Ohio State and the one from the partner university.

The College of Engineering currently has several dual degree programs with universities in China.

Combined Degree (BS/MS) Programs

At the moment, these programs are only open to students from foreign universities.  Students from the partner university are admitted to Ohio State and spend the autumn semester of their senior year taking courses in Columbus, Ohio.  The credit for these courses is transferred back to their home institution and applied toward their BS degree.  Upon successful completion of their BS and upon admittance to the graduate program, these students return to Ohio State to complete their MS degree.  Credit for the courses taken at Ohio State during their senior year is also applied toward the graduation requirements for the MS degree.

Currently, the Department of Electrical and Computer Science offers this dual degree option to students from SJTU and XJTU.  Students interested in these programs are encouraged to contact the Engineering Abroad Manager.