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College of Engineering Education Abroad Programs

Each academic year, over 200 College of Engineering students venture abroad to nearly 40 countries, enhancing their understanding of the world and the international aspects of engineering.

To support this student interest, the College of Engineering sponsors a series of discipline-specific and faculty-led education abroad programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Winter Break Programs

ENGR 5797.17S: Engineering Service-Learning in Ghana

ENGR 5797.23: Humanitarian Engineering and Culture in Guyana

Spring Break Programs

ENGR 5797.11S: Engineering Service Learning in Montana de Luz,                            Honduras

ARCH 5798: Architecture/Landscape/Urbanism (alternating                       locations)

ARCH/LARCH 5798: Culture and City (alternating locations)

CRPLAN 5798: Moving (and Eating) Around Taiwan: A Bus,                           Subway, and High Speed Rail Systems Planning                           Workshop

CRPLAN 5798: Belize International Development Planning                           Program

May Programs

ENGR 5797.13: Engineering Castles & Cathedrals in England and                           Wales *

ENGR 5797.16S: Solar Engineering Service-Learning in Tanzania

ENGR 5797.18: Engineering Ancient Greece

ENGR 5797.19: Principles and Applications of Medical Device                           Design at Nanjing University (in odd years)

ENGR 5797.21: Sustainable Resilient Communities -                           Engineering Capstone; Maji Marwa (Tanzania)

ENGR 5797.24: Sustainable Community Development - Honduras


ARCH 5798: Knowlton School of Architecture Rome Program

ARCH 5798: European Architecture Studies

CRPLAN 5798: European Cities and Sustainable Urban Planning                           Practices

Summer Programs

ENGR 5797.15: Korea Aerospace University

ENGR 5797.10: Aviation Studies in France

Semester Length Programs

ENGR 5797.04 Study Abroad in East Asia

        Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Shanghai, China

         Xi'an Jiao Tong University (XJTU), Xi'an, China

ENGR 5797.10 Study Abroad in Europe

        Politecnico di Torino (PdT), Turin, Italy

You can also contact the Engineering Abroad Manager, Leslie Roberts  for additional program information, including application procedures.