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Our nation and our world are more dependent on technology than ever. The current needs for food, water, energy, and information cannot be satisfied without the advances made possible by engineers. We are committed to preparing Ohio State engineering students for the international dimension of the profession through engineering abroad programming, international research and internships, and global curriculum integration here on-campus.

double-arrowExplore International Programs and Opportunities

Education Abroad Programs

Fulfill engineering, general education, or elective academic requirements by participating on a study abroad program.

Global Option in Engineering

Internationalize your time at Ohio State through coursework and global experience.

Humanitarian Engineering

Collaborate with partners around the world to develop sustainable solutions to community-identified challenges.

International Internship Opportunities

Intern with international companies, utilizing engineering skills, and further understand engineering in a global context.

College of Engineering International Partnerships

View the College of Engineering formalized international agreements and ways to engage.

Global Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

Explore ways to get involved in international engineering programs as a faculty or staff member.


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